CNN Law Enforcement Analyst Tom Fuentes (left) said on-air that Europeans are in denial about the effectiveness of their strict gun laws.

On November 13, during CNN’s coverage of the terror attacks in Paris, the network’s law enforcement analyst, Tom Fuentes, said Europeans who have put their faith in their countries’ mostly strict gun laws have been lied to.

During the broadcast, Fuentes said, “I think that also many of the European countries have been in denial, that their strict gun control laws are going to keep guns out of the hands of bad guys, and it just doesn’t. Gangsters and terrorists have no problem getting automatic weapons, grenades, and all other kinds of equipment to use in these attacks. I think now, we’re seeing that more and more, where a lot of people didn’t believe that before.”

According to, the gunmen who killed 12 people with automatic weapons at Charlie Hebdo headquarters last year were able to acquire the guns they needed, regardless of France’s highly restrictive gun laws. The site also reported on Denmark’s restrictive gun control laws failing to protect people from an armed attacker in February of this year.

In the broadcast, Fuentes went on to say that criminals and terrorists have always been able to find ways to acquire the weapons they need, and that they likely always will. He also said he believes that if the attacks in Paris had been more sophisticated and carried out by “well-trained” men against only soft targets, the death toll “would have been 1,000.”

Here’s a link to the CNN clip.

France has all-out bans on certain firearms, such as any fully automatic firearm. To own a semi-automatic firearm, a person has to go through extensive background check, must maintain an active shooting club membership, go to the range at least three times a year and see a doctor every year who declares them physically and mentally capable of owning a firearm. And, there’s a lot of paperwork.

That didn’t stop one gunman, who was on a watchlist for French security services, from acquiring full-auto AK-47s.