Police in Colorado Springs, Colorado are warning gun owners of an online scam targeting concealed carriers.

This story from says the came pretends to be selling a “National Concealed Weapons Permit,” which does not exist at this time.

The website, linked here, is being called deceptive advertising by police.

“There is no National Concealed Handgun Permit,” Paul Paradis, owner of Paradise Sales in Colorado Springs said in the story.

After a steady stream of people came to the police department asking to be fingerprinted for the faux permit, red flags were raised.

Police say what is actually being advertised is a state of Virginia non-resident permit, which is not valid in Colorado.

“It doesn’t give you a national permit, it doesn’t let you carry in a lot of states, unless you’re a resident of that state, and it’s not valid if you’re a Colorado resident and that’s the only permit that you have,” he said.

In Colorado, residents must fill out an application, pay a $112.50 fee and complete an in-person gun safety class before receiving a concealed carry permit.

A statement from CS police:

“We have a civilian fingerprinting program operating three days a week out of the Stetson Hill Division. Over the last two weeks, we have had several people come into the station and request fingerprinting for a “National Concealed Weapons Permit.” Lieutenant Catherine Buckley researched this issue and it appears there are some deceptive advertising practices occurring. The permit is actually a State of Virginia non-resident permit, which does not have reciprocity in Colorado. We have spoken with a representative from Virginia State Police who advised they have received calls regarding the non-resident permit and are aware of the advertising that is occurring; however, it is not from the State of Virginia. The representative verified there actually is a non-resident permit.”