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Texas A&M student Matti Warren isn’t your typical teenage girl. She loves to hunt, and credits hunting with making her the responsible young lady she is today. At age 12 Matti first testified before the Texas legislature on behalf of pro-Second Amendment legislation.

Reading those words prefacing a story in America’s 1st Freedom by shooter Matti Warren will make most people feel lazy. Now a college student, Warren is still an activist who wants to become a full-time lobbyist for the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.

“(My) parents instilled in us the rules of gun safety at a young age and taught us about the sport they love. My brother and I learned that hunting was not all about the trophy: The stories we heard in the blind about the good old days, the venison we shared with all of our friends, and the relationships we developed with out parents were far more important,” she writes.

Warren is now working toward her goal of becoming a lobbyist and travels to the capitol regularly to testify on legislation, but also focuses on introducing people to the shooting lifestyle.

“I strongly believe that it is our duty to voice our opinions and to represent gun enthusiasts in an effective manner, and testifying at the legislature is an important way to do that,” Warren writes. “With the help of my supportive parents and the Friends of NRA, I have introduced countless kids and their parents to shooting. We recently had about 50 people at our family ranch to learn all about basic gun safety. We also taught them how to use different types of firearms in case they are ever in a situation where they need to use one.

“The best part of sharing my passion for the Second Amendment is watching my friends’ faces light up as they experience shooting a gun for the first time. The simple laughter that comes from shooting a jug of water with a shotgun for the first time…makes me happy that they had the chance to experience what I so strongly cherish.”