A Republican candidate for a seat in the Colorado State House is frantically collecting signatures to get on the primary ballot, but Tom Lucerno is offering something for those who sign, a chance to win a gun, and he’s taking some heat for it.

In a March 25 post on Facebook, Lucerno, who is running for the Colorado House District 51 seat, encourage voters to sign the petition and be registered to win a 9mm Glock pistol.

While it sounds like a cool, harmless incentive, the Colorado Secretary of State, Suzzane Staiert, says the post implies offering a gain in return for a signature, which contradicts election codes.

Lucerno said in this story from that he assumed voters knew that signing his petition and entering to win a gun aren’t related, a point he says he clarified in a newer post.

“People are under no obligation to do anything on behalf of the campaign in order to win the gun,” Lucerno said in the story, and pointed out that encouraging voters to enter to win guns on campaign websites has been a Colorado republican tradition. Tim Neville, a candidate for a Senate seat, is also encouraging people to enter to win a gun on his campaign site, the story says.

Indeed, anyone in the state can enter to win the gun, regardless of whether or not they sign his petition to get on the ballot.