BLAZnTECH Motorized MSR Chamber Cleaning Kit
The BLAZnTECH Motorized Weapons Cleaning System is set to ship in July, 2015.

Any MSR shooter knows the joy of firing off a few hundred rounds is almost directly countered by facing the grim reality of cleaning your rifle when you get home. It’s especially defeating if you have a direct impingement MSR. You’re always looking for a scraper or solvent that will make this task less laborious, and there are some products out there that make a difference. This might be one of them.

BLAZnTECH is a new company offering a Motorized Weapons Cleaning System designed to clean the lugs and chamber of your rifle through the ejection port without disassembling the gun. It seems to be a well-thought out tool, with a motor that spins the specially designed chamber brush at over 300 RPM, and an LED light allows you to see what you’re doing inside the chamber.

BLAZnTECH Motorized MSR Chamber Cleaning Kit
The MWCS cleans the rifle chamber and lugs without disassembling the gun.

Included with the tool is a 5.56 Chamber Brush and a 7.62 Chamber Brush with 25 Brush-Socks for each. Plus, the tool can be used for giving pistol chambers a good scrub if you don’t have time to field strip it. It comes with .45 ACP and 9mm Chamber Brushes as well. The whole kit comes in a well-organized hard case.

If you’re a high volume or competitive shooter who puts a lot of rounds downrange in a short period of time, this could make your running your MSR a lot easier. But we won’t know for sure until we can test it.

BLAZnTECH Motorized MSR Chamber Cleaning Kit
The tool comes in a hard case with four cleaning brushes sized for: 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm, and .45 ACP chambers.

BLAZnTECH says the kit will ship in July, but you can pre-order it now, if you want. It’s priced at $195.