The new Kimber K6s revolver in .357 magnum.

Kimber, a company first famous for its excellent rifles and, more recently, famous for its unrivaled 1911 pistols, has jumped into the compact revolver market with both feet.

The Kimber K6s is born for concealed carry as a primary or backup DAO pistol, as well has home defense, featuring an internal hammer, a crisp, n- stack double-action trigger with a pull of 9.5-10.5 pounds and the smallest cylinder capable of holding six .357 Magnum rounds. All the edges and corners are smooth and blended to make it smooth on the draw. The frame and cylinder are stainless steel finished in smooth satin, with a 2 inch-stainless steel barrel with matching finish.


Because it’s a .357 Magnum, the gun will also chamber and shoot .38 Special loads. It has an overall unloaded weight of just 23 ounces, a width of 1.39 inches, and formed polymer grips. The pistol is topped with trench-cut, removable front and rear dovetail sights and a serrated cylinder release button and back strap. MSRP is $899.