As if a 12 gauge slug had to be more menacing—these mean-looking new projectiles from OATH Ammunition are designed to provide a massive amount of expansion and to limit overpenetration, making them suitable in situations for which slugs are normally not an option.

This post on describes the expanding slugs as being held together with a copper or aluminum expander die that you can see in the middle, which promises to expand reliably.

OATH will be offering two types of slugs, expanding and frangible. The cases for both are are made of machined brass to prevent the cartridges from deforming under spring pressure when loaded in high-capacity box magazines, like those made for the Saiga or the new XTR-12 from UTAS we showed you from SHOT Show.

The post says the shells will be available in standard 2 3/4- and short 2-inch lengths, the latter versions intended to increase capacity in pump shotguns. The cases are reloadable.


OATH will also be offering ballistically matched practice loads at a lower price than their premium shells.

The expanding all-copper slug weighs i1.25 oz. and travels at 1600 fps. It’s designed to expend most of its energy on the initial target and expand to an impressive 2.5-inch diameter, with little energy left to overpenetrate, which would make it a good candidate for home defense. The expander die in the middle will actually penetrate deeper than the rest of the expanded slug, the post says.

The frangible slugs are weighty at 2.25 oz. OATH says that hunk of metal flies at 1200 fps with a muzzle energy of 3100 ft-lbs. Other than 40 grains for the copper expander die, the rest of the 2.25 ounces is solid brass that will break up into a half-dozen 158-grain, sharp triangular pieces, each spreading about 15 degrees to the side of the initial direction.

This is what the company says about their performance:

“Both may be fired from a smooth bore with roughly two inch dispersion at 25 yards, but rifled shotguns are ideal for best accuracy. The lighter projectile has been tested to yield groups under 2 inches at 100 yards with a Remington 870 Deer Gun…The high energy and impressive precision turn modern rifled shotguns into light safari rifles, suitable for most North American game at short range, and eminently functional for defensive use.”

The post issues a warning, however, on the type of shotgun to use with the ammo. Apparently these things have a kick: “Just don’t fire them from lightweight single shot or side-by-side shotguns—your shoulder won’t like it! In a gas operated autoloader or a defensive pump with a full-length tube, recoil is far more reasonable.”

The story says they will be for sale on the OATH website by the end of January 2016.