Ruger has a big announcement for the dawn of 2016…and it comes in 9mm and .45 ACP.

Yesterday, this post appeared on revealing that an FFL somehow received shipment of the upcoming Ruger American Pistol and had it up for a local Facebook gun sale with photos.

Here’s the post:


It’s speculated that the new handgun will be available in 9mm, 45, and 40, but this page appeared on Ruger’s website today, revealing pretty much everything about the new pistol.

Ruger says the new gun was “designed with the latest U.S. Military standards in mind.” Does this mean we’re looking at a contender for the new U.S. military sidearm contract? LINK It’s possible.

The company also says it used a “Voice of the Customer” process, collecting input from law enforcement and military trainers as well as firearms experts, distributors, and retailers.

From the site:

“The resultant new pistol is a revolutionary platform for Ruger, one that utilizes the combination of a recoil-reducing barrel cam (which is designed to better spread recoil energy over time) with a low mass slide, low center of gravity and a low bore acid to provide an unparalleled shooting experience.”

Forrest MacCormack

Accord to Ruger, the pistol includes an ambidextrous magazine and slide release along with Novak LoMount Carry 3-Dot Sights. It has a width of 1.4 inches and an integrated accessory rail. The Ruger American Pistol will be available chambered in 9mm with a 17- or 10-round capacity and a 5.6-inch barrel or in .45 ACP with a 10-round magazine and a 5.7-inch barely. Both models will have a black nitride slide finish and an MSRP of $579.

The company has a lot of info on the new gun, including a PDF of an exploded view, so you can see all its parts. There’s a short video accompanying the web content, but it doesn’t show much.

The new pistol will likely be debuted at SHOT Show 2016 next month in Las Vegas.

Stay tuned for more details.