The new Savage Model 42 Takedown in .22 caliber and .410 gauge.

Savage is expanding its line of an old hunter’s and camper’s tool that has slipped by the wayside in recent years: the combo gun.

The new Savage Model 42 Takedown, with the bottom barrel chambered in .410 and the top in either .22LR or .22 WMR, is a very versatile firearm and has applications for the backcountry hiker, survivalist, camper, ranch hand, homeowner, and hunter.

The break-action gun is an updated model of the utilitarian Savage Model 42, according to this story from The new takedown version disassembles into two pieces small enough to fit in an Uncle Mike’s Bug Out Bag—which comes with it as a carrying case. Even when assembled, the full-sized model only measures 35 3/4 inches.

The .410 bore barrel can handle 2 3/4 and and 3-inch shells, taking advantage of the many specific-purpose projectiles loaded into .410 shells these days, such as birdshot, buckshot, slugs, and personal-defense loads.

The top .22 barrel is equipped with a set of simple open iron sights, letting the Model 42 be precise enough to dispatch small game or nuisance animals. The rear sight can also be removed and replaced with a section of rail, allowing shooters to attach a red dot or other optic. The .410 barrel allows the shooter to take a quick shot at any close-range target.

Once the gun is loaded and the action is closed, a hammer switch in front of the trigger guard is used to select the barrel that the single trigger will fire. There are no ejectors—in the spirit of simplicity, the 42 has simple extractors for both barrels. It’s topped off with a synthetic buttstock and fore-end with a series of recesses, designed to enhance grip in cold weather, especially while wearing gloves.

When assembled, the Model 42 can be carried by a sling, and the included go bag is MOLLE compatible, allowing it to be attached to packs or other gear. There is also a shorter youth version of the Model 42 Takedown hitting the market this year. Look for more details, including MSRP of both guns, later this month.

For historical reference, a combination gun specifically refers to an over-under, break-action gun with one rifled barrel and one smoothbore barrel. If they were configured side-by-side, it would be a cape gun. A three-barreled gun that mixes rifling and smoothbores is referred to as a drilling.