How many times have you curiously perused the specs of a .50 caliber rifle, dreaming big dreams until your eyes happen to see the number following the dollar sign? Serbu Firearms Inc. out of Florida is looking to change that, with a .50-cal priced well under $1,000.

“It’s a lot of gun for the money,” said Mark Serbu in this story from Serbu founded the company in Tampa in 1996. The company’s newest rifle, the RN-50, is a single-shot .50-caliber gun priced at $875.

“You can shoot pretty accurately at a thousand yards,” Serbu said. Currently he says there are dozens of the guns in production at his manufacturing plant. Part of the reason he decided to make the rifle is because he feels every American has the right to own one, according to the story.

“At the time of the writing of the Second Amendment, all they had were muskets, but they were the most advanced military weapons of the day,” he said in the story. “So the most protected rifles are these—assault rifles.”

Many states specifically ban the ownership of any rifle chambered for the powerful .50 BMG round.

The RN-50 comes in .50 BMG or .50 DTC for restricted markets. It’s a modified break action with a threaded breech. The minimalist rifle weighs in at a hefty 17 pounds with a 29.5-inch barrel with 1:5 button rifling. The chassis is constructed of heat-treated steel and aluminum with a manganese phosphate and hard anodized finish.

But don’t get too excited. It’s not really as super-affordable as it seems.

Though the story on Fox, posted on Feb. 29 and updated March 1, touts the $875 price, the Serbu website says “For a short time the RN-50 will be offered at the introductory price of $875. Starting February 19th, the MSRP will be $1,199, The bipod, scope, buttstock and shipping aren’t included in the sales price.”

It seems the market is driving the price. “We haven’t bought a magazine ad for probably five years,” Serbu said in the story. “And yet, we have all the business we can handle.”