It’s a good year so far for SIG lovers. In October, we told you about SIG Sauer’s new 1911 Tactical Operator pistol, now chambered in .357 SIG for the first time. In November, the company announced the return of the single-stack 9mm P225. Now, there will be a new rimfire with the round SIG logo on the grip.

A rimfire version of its modular P250 handgun series, the new P250-22 is chambered in .22 LR and looks to be a great plinker, target gun, or training pistol for any shooter.

The best part about the new offering is it uses the P250’s modularity to make it a snap to convert the .22 handgun into a centerfire pistol.

“The real benefit to the P250-22 lies in it’s ability to be converted to fire centerfire rounds, such as 9mm, .40 or .357 SIG,” said John Brasseur, Director of Product Development for SIG Sauer, in a release. “This allows newer shooters to work up to the more powerful cartridges, and is a great tool for introducing youth to the shooting sports.”

Plus, with the company’s X-Change kits, the new gun could be converted from a target plinker to a duty pistol, CCW firearms, or backup gun in seconds. SIG also offers a variety of grip modules for all P250 series guns.

“Thanks to a wide variety of caliber and grip module options, the P250-22 can meet any need and fit any hand,” Brasseur said.

The new gun is shipping to dealers now in its Compact configuration. For more information on the P250-22, go to SIG’s website.


Sig-Sauer P250-22 Specifications

Caliber: .22LR

Action: DAO

DA Trigger Pull: 6.5 lbs.

Overall Length: 7.2″

Height: 5.3″

Width: 1.4″

Barrel Length: 3.9″

Sight Radius: 5.8″

Weight w/ Magazine: 21.2 oz.

Mag Capacity: 10 rounds

Sights: Adjustable or contrast sights

Grips: Modular black polymer

MSRP: $434