The idea of biometric gun vaults is nothing new. Many companies make multiple-gun safes or single-handgun vaults that open with a touch of the owner’s finger, a 4-digit code, or an RFID card, but a new crowdfunded project on is merging these ideas with the idea of a trigger lock.

The Veri-Fire Guardian Trigger Lock mounts to a handgun’s accessory rail under the barrel. A portion of the unit extends rearward, covering the trigger and trigger guard completely from all sides. The right side of the unit features a fingerprint reader, similar to the fingerprint readers used to lock smartphones, which instantly causes the rear portion of the unit to slide forward under spring tension, exposing the trigger for use.

The makers say that the device can be programmed to recognize the fingerprints of up to five authorized individuals, and has a lighted number pad that is a backup method of exposing the trigger.

Here’s a video of the device in operation at a range, but not of the handgun it’s attached to being fired:

Currently, the project has received $25,013 of its $100,000 goal, but with the campaign expiring in a few hours, future development of the Guardian is in question.

It’s a novel idea, but it seems the device as it’s currently designed will only work with more modern pistols with integrated accessory rails. It also doesn’t seem to be designed to fit a revolver, with or without a rail. With no videos of a pistol actually being fired with the Guardian attached, there’s also no proof that it can stand up to the repeated sharp, sudden force of recoil. Plus, the unit takes up all of a firearm’s rail space, with no mention of how much weight the unit would add to the front of a gun.