UPDATE 5/26/18:

It has been reported that not one, but two armed citizens are responsible for firing the shots that took down a mass shooter who attacked a restauranat in Oklahoma City on Thursday.

Initial reports said the shooter had been shot by a single armed citizen, but on Friday police said that the 28-year-old gunman was met by two armed citizens who pulled out their concealed carry firearms and shot him after the gunman had opened fire in a restaurant, wounding three people.

In Oklahoma City yesterday, a man injured several people when he opened fire in Louie’s Grill & Bar near Lake Hefner Parkway. He was shot and killed by a “bystander with a pistol” who confronted the shooter outside the restaurant.

According to, the customer was outside the restaurant when he suspect walked in and began shooting around 6:30 p.m. yesterday, Oklahoma City police said.

Two women, identified as Natalie Will and her daughter Niah, were celebrating a birthday at the restaurant when they were wounded by the shooter, according to this story from They were transported to local hospital and they are expected to survive.

Police said a third female victim also received minor injuries.

The shooter has been described by police as an 18- to 20-year-old white male, but his identity has not yet been released.

Police said in the story that, when the suspect exited the restaurant, he was “confronted by a citizen who took out his own firearm, shooting and killing the suspect.”

“Right now, all I know is that it was just a good Samaritan that was there and looks like he took the right measures to be able to put an end to a terrible, terrible incident,” said Oklahoma City police Capt. Bo Mathews in this story from

The story says the shooter’s motives are not known.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) said the incident is “just another example of how the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” the story says.

Ron Benton, who was inside the restaurant, told CNN, “He was just a 20-something-year-old kid. Didn’t look very old. He was wearing ear protection and eye protection that you would have at a shooting range.”

“A guy jumped out of it and went for the back of his vehicle. I just assumed maybe it was an off-duty officer or something like that,” Benton added. “It was just the way he moved, whoever it was. He just appeared to be somebody who had some training, some weapon training.”

Benton said he pointed the man toward the shooter.

“They were like, ‘Stop! stop! stop! Please! Put the gun down! Please put the gun down!’ And I was pointing at him, I was like ‘Down! Put it down! Put it down!’ and they wound up exchanging fire,” Benton said in the story.

“I popped my head up, and they had taken him down,” Benton said in the story, adding that he then told a police officer who’d arrived on the scene that the man who shot and killed the restaurant shooter was “‘here to help,'”