Photograph courtesy of Ibro Palic/Flickr

The mass shooting in Florida over the weekend has spurred an increase in the number of people who want to carry a gun for protection in places quite distant from Orlando.

In California, Orange County residents have flooded the sheriff’s department with emails requesting information on obtaining a concealed carry permit, according to a report in the Orange County Register.

Between Sunday and Monday, the department had “100-plus” emailed requests from residents wanting carry permit details, Lt. Mark Stichter told the Register. Typically, 20 to 30 are received during that time period.

“Every time there’s one of these man-made disasters, we always get a spike in business because people start to realize how vulnerable they are and how little they can do to protect themselves,” said Bill Murphy, a police officer who owns Firearms Training Associates in Yorba Linda, in the story.

Gun sales at at least one store have also increased in the county west of San Bernardino, where a pair of terrorists killed 14 people in a mass shooting last December. Carry permits there increased immediately after the attack.

In Ohio, Youngstown-area residents are on “high alert” after the attack, and some say they plan to obtain a concealed carry permit, according to WKBN. So far in 2016, 1,848 carry permits have been issued by the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office, compared to a total of 2,610 last year, according to the report.

In Missouri, the Bates County sheriff is waiving the fee for a concealed carry permit in June, in response to the massacre in Orlando. The report in AZFamily notes that Sheriff Chad Anderson is dropping the $100 initial fee for county residents because he “wants people to feel safe.”