In Las Vegas, the Metro Police Department is asking gun owners not only to be responsible by securing their firearms, but is also encouraging them to learn how to use them in case of an emergency, according to this story from CBS.

The story says Officer Larry Hadfield stated that the department wants to make sure gun owners are educated about gun laws and are proficient with the guns they own. One of the ways they can do that is by going to a new kind of interactive gun range that just opened in Sin City.

Ultimate Shooting Academy offers an interactive experience on a virtual screen as well as in an interactive shoot house—far more than you get from the traditional shooting lanes and paper targets. It’s being called the first non-lethal gun range offering civilians training scenarios and classes on how to properly use a firearm.

The story says the facility houses multiple virtual sets along with a large shoot house that simulates the sounds of simulate break-ins, while also providing “bad and good guys for reactionary purposes.”

The firearms people use at the range appear to be Glock handguns modified to fire non-lethal, training ammunition like that offered by Ultimate Training Munitions, which can simulate recoil slightly greater than a .22LR in a 9mm handgun.