New .22LR Reloading Kit: Plinking On A Budget?

This .22LR reloading kit is available from for about $75.

No range junkie should have to pay centerfire prices for rimfire ammo. But though .22LR is reaching more shelves it's still tough finding ammo. Reloading .22 rimfire rounds has long been a recurring topic on firearm forum sites. Now, there's a home reloading kit on sale from

Why don't people reload .22LR rimfire as a matter of course? In the bygone days of ten or so years ago, it wasn't necessary because .22LR was always both abundant and cheap. And reloading rimfire cartridges is a time consuming affair. The priming process alone for each round involves scraping out the used priming compound and then repriming it by packing new compound into the rim. Texas Fish and Game explains the process here.

The upside? You can get enough priming compound, like Prime-All, to load 2,000 rounds for 20 bucks.

The reloading kit includes a crimper, bullet mold with two cavities, rim cleaner, rim packer, powder dipper, powder funnel and an eye dropper along with a step-by-step booklet for $74.95. If you want to see how it works from start to finish, check out this video:

Shooting champ and writer for TFG Dustin Ellerman says of the kit, "I'm guessing their primary market is prepper/survivalist because I doubt this kit will give you competition grade accuracy. Nevertheless it is interesting…The entire process sounds extremely time consuming for every day plinking, but in a survival situation, I suppose it would be better than nothing."

We'll have to wait for some thorough reviews of the kit and the ammo it produces to come in, but this may be a solid solution to ammo shortages that could keep you plinking away on a budget instead of dry-firing at home.