Crimson Trace has now acquired LaserLyte, which makes laser shooting training systems.
Crimson Trace has now acquired LaserLyte, which makes laser shooting training systems. mfg photos

Crimson Trace Corp., the brand known for their Lasergrips and other innovative sighting systems, has acquired LaserLyte, a provider of laser training and sighting products for the consumer market.

American Outdoor Brands Corporation, the parent company of Crimson Trace, and one of the leading providers of firearms and quality products for the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiast, completed the purchase of substantially all of the assets of LaserLyte on January 12, 2019. Other brands under the American Outdoor Brands Corporation umbrella include Smith & Wesson, M&P, Thompson/Center Arms, Crimson Trace, Caldwell Shooting Supplies, Wheeler Engineering, Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies, and Frankford Arsenal Reloading Tools.

Crimson Trace completed the acquisition of LaserLyte assets, consisting largely of inventory and intellectual property, utilizing cash on hand. Inventory related to the acquisition will be transferred to the Crimson Trace facility in Wilsonville, Oregon, where existing product development, sourcing, assembly, and sales and marketing teams will assume LaserLyte operations.

“We are excited to add the LaserLyte brand and product lines to our existing lineup of Crimson Trace laser sights, tactical lights, and optics. LaserLyte is well-known among consumers for its innovative laser training and sighting products, which cover a range of applications including non-live fire firearms training, sighting in rifle scopes and optics, and entertainment,” said Lane Tobiassen, President of the Electro-Optics Division of American Outdoor Brands Corporation and Crimson Trace Corp.

“LaserLyte’s firearm training systems, laser sights and bore sights complement our existing offering, enabling us to reach broader segments of the consumer electro-optics addressable market. LaserLyte products fit well within our existing distribution network, and with the support of our product development and sourcing teams, we believe the additional brand and product lines provide us with growth and expansion opportunities for the Electro-Optics Division.”