The [Crimson Trace CSA-2624 2-Series Sport 6-24x56mm riflescope
The Crimson Trace CSA-2624 2-Series Sport 6-24x56mm riflescope. Crimson Trace

Known as an industry leader in laser sighting systems, Crimson Trace is branching out into new territories. This year alone it has released new lines of gun lights, red dot sights, and now, CTC is jumping into the riflescope game with the release of a full line of 11 new optics designed to meet the needs of tactical, long range, hunting, and recreational shooters.

The Oregon-based company’s new scopes will range from 1-4x24mm glass, ideal for slug guns or 3-gun contests, up to a 5-25x56mm model suited for long-distance shooting. The line is broken up into three series of riflescopes: short, medium, and long range, which are available this fall.

Designed by CTC engineers, each scope incorporates advanced components, including advanced ED fully multi-coated Japanese glass. All utilize first focal plane reticles, which means holdover remains the constant throughout the scope’s entire range of magnification. Seven custom-designed reticles with specific purposes and applications are available.

All of the Crimson Trace scopes are fog-, shock-, water- and dust-proof. Models feature generous eye relief and specially designed turrets that make adjustments easier when wearing gloves. Subdued internal components reduce glare and bright spots for improved vision and a cleaner image.

The Crimson Trace [CTL-3525 3-Series Tactical 5-25X56mm MIL/MIL FFP riflescope
The Crimson Trace CTL-3525 3-Series Tactical 5-25X56mm MIL/MIL FFP riflescope Crimson Trace

Those interested in stretching dawn and dusk should look at the models built on 30mm and 34mm one-piece tubes, which squeeze more light in than smaller diameters. The intensity of the illuminated reticles can be adjusted to match ambient light conditions and user preferences.

Objective lenses run the gamut from 24mm to 56mm, with flip-up caps on both the ocular and objective lenses to protect the glass and keep it clean.

“We’re extremely excited to enter the large and diverse riflescope market with these feature packed products,” said Lane Tobiassen, President of Crimson Trace and American Outdoor Brands Corporation’s Electro-Optics Division. “Consumers can expect the same high-quality engineering and design that Crimson Trace has been providing for nearly 25 years.”

Each riflescope ships with lens caps, an owner’s and reticle manual, any required adjustment tools, and a lens cleaning cloth. Suggested retail prices begin at $499 and range up to $1,999. All Crimson Trace riflescopes are covered under a lifetime warranty and the company’s free batteries for life program. For more information, visit

The new scopes include the following:

  • CTL-5324 5-Series Tactical Riflescope 3-24X56MM MIL/MIL FFP | MSRP: $1,999

  • CTL-5318 5-Series Tactical Riflescope 3-18X50MM MIL/MIL FFP |
    MSRP: $1,799

  • CTL-5108 5-Series Tactical Riflescope 1-8X28MM MIL/MIL FFP | MSRP: $1,499

  • CTL-3525 3-Series Tactical Riflescope 5-25X56MM MIL/MIL FFP | MSRP: $1,199

  • CTL-3420 3-Series Tactical Riflescope 4-20X50MM MIL/MIL FFP | MSRP: $1,099

  • CSA-3108 3-Series Tactical Riflescope 1-8X28MM MIL/MIL FFP | MSRP: $999


  • CSA-2624 2-Series Sport Riflescope 6-24X56MM MOA/MOA FFP | MSRP: $849

  • CSA-2416 2-Series Sport Riflescope 4-16X50MM MOA/MOA FFP | MSRP: $749

  • CSA-2309 2-Series Sport Riflescope 3-9X40MM MOA/MOA FFP | MSRP: $499

  • CTA-2104 2-Series Tactical Riflescope 1-4X24MM MOA/MOA FFP | MSRP: $549