CrossBreed Holsters has been making popular options for IWB carry for almost 15 years now. The combination of a kydex shell with a large(ish) leather backer to help distribute the gun’s weight is something that many are initially skeptical of because of the size, but are soon won over by the level of comfort – myself included.


Depending on the situation/environment, concealed carriers sometimes switch up their method of carry, rotating between IWB, OWB, AIWB, etc. Generally, this has required a different holster for each application.

The new Reckoning holster from CrossBreed changes all of that, replacing multiple purpose-built holsters with one multi-use design. As the company says, the Reckoning is “the perfect combination of Old-World Craftsmanship and New-World features.”

OK, cool, but what does that mean?

crossbreed reckoning holster
The clips rotate out to provide access to the screws underneath to adjust shell retention to the backer. T. Logan Metesh

Unlike their other options, the Reckoning has multiple points of retention adjustment, including a retention device installed directly under the trigger guard, as well as the ability to adjust the retention of the Kydex pocket as it attaches to the leather backer itself.

crossbreed reckoning holster trigger guards
Trigger guard retention is adjusted with a hex screw. T. Logan Metesh

As someone who prefers a really snug fit in my Kydex holsters, I really like this new feature.

With some of my other pre-molded Kydex holsters, I’ve taken a heat gun to them and remolded the section around the trigger for an even better degree of retention. That’s not necessary with this holster.

crossbreed reckoning holster
This Reckoning holster is made with the Founder’s Series leather and an OD Green kydex shell. T. Logan Metesh

The Reckoning model is versatile and can be configured to be worn inside of the waistband on the strong side, appendix, or cross draw positions.

This is the way the holster is set up upon delivery, but it can also be converted to an OWB holster by switching out the attachment hardware.

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Switch out the belt clips to convert the Reckoning from IWB to OWB. Crossbreed Holsters

All of the features are really easy to use. Trigger guard retention is adjusted with an included hex wrench and the other retention and conversion options can be done with a Phillips screwdriver in a matter of minutes.

leather options for holsters
The various leather and kydex color options for the Crossbreed Reckoning. Crossbreed Holsters

Another nice thing about CrossBreed’s holsters in general, including the Reckoning, is that you have three leather options and can choose different colors for the kydex.

I chose to go with an OD Green kydex shell and the Founder’s Series leather on the Reckoning that I have for my Glock 19.

crossbreed reckoning holster with a glock
The author’s Reckoning is set up for IWB carry of his Glock 19. Crossbreed Holsters

I’ve been wearing mine for a little while now and it’s already starting to get broken in, making it even more comfortable than it was brand new.

I even fell asleep on the couch while wearing it, and not once did it disturb my nap regardless of how I shifted in my sleep.

crossbreed reckoning waist holster
CrossBreed’s Reckoning provides comfortable carry and an easy draw. Crossbreed Holsters

The Reckoning is already available for a wide variety of the most commonly carried handguns, and they’re adding new models frequently. If they don’t have your gun yet, just hang tight.

The MSRP for this holster starts at $69.95 and varies depending upon the options you choose: type of leather, color of kydex, extra belt clips, etc. For more, visit