Crimson Trace Releases Lasersaddle for Mossberg Shockwave

The receiver-mounted laser sight requires no rail space, is ambidextrous, and also fits any 12 ga. Mossberg 500 or 590 shotgun.

The Crimson Trace Lasersaddle can be mounted to the Mossberg Shockwave, as well as M500 or M590 shotguns.
The Crimson Trace Lasersaddle can be mounted to the Mossberg Shockwave, as well as M500 or M590 shotguns in 12 gauge. Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace is on a role. A couple weeks ago, they announced a new line of red dot sights, not too long after they released a whole new line of gun lights. Earlier this week, we told you about their new line of riflescopes featuring 11 models.

Now, as if to remind us they still make laser sights, CTC releases the Lasersaddle designed for the Mossberg 590 Shockwave “firearm” in 12 gauge. It will also fit most any 12-gauge Mossberg 500 or 590 receiver.

If you’ve set up a pump gun for home defense, you know that on most of them, rail space is either non existent or a precious commodity.

The Lasersaddle allows you to add an adjustable red or green laser sight to the shotgun without taking up any rail space or adding bulk or edges that can get hung up on things.

The Lasersaddle has three distinct activation buttons, plus a master on/off switch.
The Lasersaddle has three distinct activation buttons, plus a master on/off switch. Crimson Trace

It’s especially well suited to the Shockwave for a number of reasons. Without a stock, there are only a couple ways to “aim” the shorty shotgun. With a bit of practice and loads that don’t kick too hard, you can shoot it from a high position, using the factory bead sight to point. Or, the easier and more stable way, you can shoot from the hip, and that’s where a laser sight becomes extremely valuable on this kind of gun.

From the factory, the only way to install a traditional laser sight would be to add a rail section to the top of the receiver and put it there…hardly great placement and it precludes you from using the bead sight if you want / have to—or you can buy an aftermarket rail section that attaches to the mag tub via a thin steel ring, which tends to make anything you attach to it stick out quite a lot.

Options for stocked M500s and M590s aren’t much better without heavy customization.

The Lasersaddle is available with a red or green laser.
The Lasersaddle is available with a red or green laser. Crimson Trace

The Lasersaddle solves this by placing a small but powerful laser in a housing that wraps around the top of the shotgun receiver without getting in the way of a top accessory rail if you have one attached.

It’s easy to install yourself by securing it onto the shotgun receiver. The unit includes three distinct activation points, including one that can be accessed by left-handed users and a master on/off switch that prevents the laser sight from being activated while the gun is cased or being transported.

The batteries can also be changed without removing the sight from the gun so you don’t screw up your zero.


Recently I got a chance to use a prototype Lasersaddle mounted on a Mossberg Shockwave for a short twilight range session. It worked wonderfully, even though the elevation needed to be tweaked a little. (Who remembers to bring tiny screwdrivers to the range?) It adds almost no bulk to the gun, is easy to activate, and the green laser was extremely easy to see in the low light conditions that often accompanies a home defense situation.

We were shooting 12 gauge birdshot at single clay pigeons on target stands and I didn’t miss a single target using the Lasersaddle, and the other folks shooting with me all performed about the same, even the guy who had never fired a shotgun from the hip before.

Here’s a quick clip of that range session, and no, that’s not me shooting:

This accessory, in my opinion, makes the Shockwave a more viable home defense firearm that greatly enhances its overall capability without any downside that I can identify. The Shockwave and the comparable Remington 870 TAC-14 are easy to handle, compact, and powerful—the only problem is they’re tough to aim and if you don’t practice, confidence that your first shot will be on target is difficult to muster. The Lasersaddle solves that problem, pure and simple.

I’ve been told a sample of the Lasersaddle is on its way to the Range365 offices, so expect a full review and field test soon.

Features and Specs:

  • Instant Activation: Tap-On, Tap-Off
  • Multiple Ambidextrous Activation Points
  • Master On/Off Switch
  • User Adjustable Windage and Elevation
  • Battery Life / Type: Red Laser: CR2032 Lithium Battery (2) – 4 hours; Green Laser: CR2016 Lithium Battery (4) – 2 hours.
  • Fits: 12-gauge Mossberg 590 Shockwave, 500, and 590 shotgun receivers.
  • MSRP: Red Laser – $169; Green Laser – $219
  • Compatible with aftermarket accessory rails