As Orlando recovers from the attack on a gay night club two weeks ago, at the other end of the nation, gun sales in Oregon have increased dramatically in the days since, according to numbers from the state police.

The daily average for gun sales has reached nearly three times what it was before the attack. This story says data from the state police shows that 573 guns were sold on June 12, the day of the shooting. Just five days later, 1,364 guns were sold in a day. On average, 558 guns were sold in Oregon each day of June 2015.

Normally, data on gun sales is reliant on NICS background check numbers, which are a good indicator, but a not a one-for-one representative of gun sales.

The numbers from Oregon are more exact because the state police keep their own data on the federal background checks performed in the state, including how many were denied and for what reason. This data is published online each month. The story says background check numbers obtained through a public records request were used to tally the daily gun sales. The state police don’t keep records on what kinds of gun are sold.

The numbers for June haven’t been published yet.

“If I were to speculate, people who already own guns buy more after mass shootings because they fear that mass shootings will lead to regulation limiting their ability to buy certain types of guns,” said Allison Anderman, staff attorney for the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that promotes gun control, in the story.

“I think people are more worried about the election than anything else,” said Martin Weiss in the story, owner of Tritac Shooting Range in Oregon. He told the Statesman Journal that use of his gun range and requests for concealed carry training are “going through the roof.”

The state legislature passed a bill to tighten background check requirements earlier this year. It passed in the House but never got a vote in the Senate.