Remember dancing FBI agent who recently lost his sidearm while doing a backflip at a winery and then accidental shot a man in the leg when he picked the gun up? A judge said he is again allowed to carry a firearm.

According to this story on, the agent, 29-year-old Chase Bishop, was in a Denver court on Wednesday when his attorney asked Judge France Simonet to modify a protection order to allow Bishop to carry his service weapon on and off duty, noting that the FBI “encourages its agents to carry ‘at all times’ unless instructed otherwise.”

This story from the Denver Post says the “request was granted provided Bishop do so ‘in a manner pursuant to FBI policy.'”

The story says the “request was the DA didn’t object to the request because the man Bishop wounded in the leg, Tom Reddington, did not object.

This story from the AP says the hearing was original scheduled to that prosecutors could lay out evidence against Bishop, but the plan was scrapped after Bishop was offered a plea deal, which Bishop has said he needs time to consider before accepting. No details about the deal have been made public.

Bishop was charged with second-degree assault as a result of the shooting. His next court appearance is scheduled for August 21.