The Double Diamond Night Sight from Advantage Tactical Sights.

Finding solutions for shooting a handgun in complete darkness are wide and varied, from three-dot sights that hold a bit of radioactive tritium to make them glow in the dark, to attaching tac lights to the gun’s rail, if it has one.

Advantage Tactical Sights has unveiled a new way to get a sight picture in complete darkness called the Dark Diamond Night Sight for Glock handguns.

According to an ATS press release, “it’s the first iron sight that “enables one to make an accurate shot, in total darkness, at distance, using only a glowing front sight.”

Handguns with a tritium front sight, or even front and rear glowing sights, are good enough to acquire a close target in the dark. But at a distance, that glow makes the sights fuzzy, and the dots are usually pretty large in order to accommodate the material inside. That results in less than ideal accuracy at distance.


The DD Sight is designed specifically for quick target acquisition, precision, and clarity of sight picture. It works a bit differently than typical handgun sights.

The rear sight is a tall flat leaf with a triangular notch cut in it. The front sight is a triangle, rising up in front of the notch. When you have them lined up properly, the shooter sees a nice glowing diamond shape.

The top tip of the diamond is the impact point, and when sighting in, elevation is adjusted by inserting different height front sights.

“Let’s face it, when it’s dark and you need your gun, you need to be able to see where you’re shooting, with the Dark Diamond Sight you can have complete confidence in your nighttime accuracy,” said Richard Nasef, President of Advantage Tactical Sights, in the release. “Before the Dark Diamond Night Sight, other sights with an illuminated front sight were only accurate at distances of up to 5 yards. With the Dark Diamond Sight, you can reach out to distances of 15, 20, 25 yards and beyond in total darkness.”

The sight picture of the Double Diamond. The target should align with the top point of the red diamond.

ATS also makes a version of the Dark Diamond for the Walther PPQ pistol and the Glock version will fit Gen 2 through Gen 4 pistols.

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