Judging from the backlash recently received by Brooklyn Beckham, son of British soccer star David Beckham, it’s not acceptable from the anti-gunner perspective to even be photographed with a firearm.

Beckham, 18, posted a number of shots on Instagram from a recent photo shoot with Damon Baker, some of which showed the young man posing with what looks to be a stainless 1911 pistol.

And the outraged comments came quickly.

One person wrote, “…Not sure what you were thinking Brooklyn, but I suggest you make better decisions in the future. Do not promote guns as art.”

Another said, “ook up Gun Violence Survivors Foundation.You should go and talk to a few of them.Maybe posing with a gun would not seem so cool.”

A screenshot of the group of photos brooklyn beckham.
A screenshot of the group of photos. photo from Instagram

Another user accused him of betraying those who look up to him, according to this New York Daily News:

“Why the gun? What is your reason to use something that causes so much destruction and despair? Depicting a kid who has been brought up with such privilege, who couldn’t possibly have first hand experience of the consequences that this type of ‘cool’ gang image can have on vulnerable children following him?”

The NYDN story says Beckham was trying to shed his “good boy image” with the photos.

While the backlash over the gun photos is pretty absurd, we do have to call Beckham out for one thing. In the photos with the gun, he has his finger on the bang switch. Tsk, tsk.