With gun sales flagging since the election of Republican Donald Trump as president of the United States, many wondered if 2016’s Black Friday gun sales would also be down. It was not to be so.

According to several online sources, gun sales were robust on the biggest shopping day of the year: the day with the deepest discounts.

This story from CNN Money says gun sales in New York area, where gun laws are heavily restrictive, were brisk.

From the story:

“Not far from New York City, hundreds of shoppers packed into RTSP, a gun shop and firing range in Randolph, New Jersey, lured by Black Friday discounts of 5% to 10% for guns, ammunition and accessories.”

With gun makers and shops having bolstered their inventories in anticipation of a Hillary Clinton win, it might mean for some great deals for gun owners through the holiday season.

“Rick Friedman, co-owner of RTSP, said he’d stocked eight to 12 months’ worth of guns and ammo, anticipating a frenzied demand if Clinton had won.”

At LI Outdoorsman in Long Island, New York, customers were lured by 10 to 15 percent discounts on Black Friday, the story says. The shop sold 15 firearms instead of the usual two or three, suggesting that sales may still have been strong, but driven by the desire to save some cash rather than fear of impending gun control legislation.

It was a similar case in other states as well.

A story from says “The line to get into Shooters guns tore in Jacksonville, Florida, stretched around the corner as customers waiting to get inside to buy the firearms and firearms accessories they wanted…”

News 4 Jax reported that gun shops were packed with customers hoping to save big on firearms deals.

This story from reports the election may have affected the kinds of guns that were sold on Black Friday.

“We see those guys that maybe would have bought an AR if Hillary won buying lever-action and bolt-action rifles and shotguns,” said Mike Goschinski, a gun retailer in Ohio, in the story.

Still, the shopping day stands in stark contrast to last year’s Black Friday, which was the biggest single day for background checks since 1998. It set both a single-day record and a Black Friday record. The FBI processed 185,345 background checks on Nov. 27, 2015, beating the previous all time high of 177,170 on Dec. 21, 2012, which occurred shortly after the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut.