Differences Between Male and Female Gun Owners.

While it remains true that most gun owners are male, women represent a fifth of all gun owners. A new survey by the Pew Research Center of 1,269 gun owners reveals some interesting differences between the male and female American gun owner.

This post from pewresearch.org breaks out some of the most interesting bits.

1. Women tend to become gun owners at a later age than men.

The story says that on average, women who own a gun or have owned one int he past report that they first go their own gun when they were 27 years old, compared to an average age of 19 for male gun owners.

2. Women are more likely than men to cite “protection” as the only reason they own a gun.

Men and women are about equally likely to cite protection as a reason to own guns. However, a far larger share of women than men say protection is the only reason they own a gun. “About a quarter of women who own guns (27%) are in this category, compared with just 8% of men.”

3. Women gun owners are less likely to say they go sport shooting or hunting, though they do.

About 43 percent of female gun owners say they go shooting or to the gun range sometimes; while 58 percent of male gun owners say the same. While 37 percent of male gun owners say they go hunting at least sometimes, 28 percent of women gun owners say the same.

The numbers say that the earlier one is exposed to hunting or shooting, regardless of gender, is liked at least in part to participation in those activities.

4. Female gun owners say they watch less TV programs or videos about guns, and visit gun-related websites less.

About 33 percent of women gun owners say they “often” or “sometimes” watch TV shows or videos about guns, while 43 percent of male gun owners say they do the same. The genders are split 28 percent to 39 percent respectively when it comes to visiting gun websites.

5. Female gun owners are less likely to say “there is a gun that is both loaded and easily accessible to them all of the time when they’re at home.”

The numbers say that 43 percent of men who own guns say this is the case, while only 29 percent of women say the same.

But, the story says, that among those who own handguns, equal shares of men and women (26 percent each) say they carry their gun outside their home all, or nearly all the time.

For more details about the difference between male and female gun owners from the survey, go here.