You’ve probably read about or seen a video featuring Mel “Dragon Man” Bernstein and his expansive gun museum and gun shot in Colorado Springs.

Well, last weekend, he was the target of four burglars who smashed their way into the gun shop and shooting range, stealing 65 guns in total.

Berstein often boasts about his collection of firearms, claims he repeated in this story from the Denver Post.

“There’s a lot of idiots out there. I’m the most armed man in America,” he said in the story. “I have over 200 machine guns in my name. If I had been there they would have gotten shot in the head.”

The story says while Bernsteain was at dinner Sunday night, a number of his 35 security cameras at the shop recorded four skinny, masked, hooded “young kids” as they stole his truck and crashed through an electrically charged fence and a metal garage barrier to get inside his gun warehouse and range.

The thieves then made off with whatever they could grab in about six minutes, the story says.

Bernstein told the Post he believes the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department will make a quick arrest.

“We recognized the vehicle they were in,” Bernstein said. “Only a few people know my schedule.”

The story says the incident is the latest in a series of similar burglaries in Colorado over the past year, in which multiple masked burglars have stolen trucks, SUVs, or cars and used them to gain entry to gun shops.

While the thieves got away with a number of guns, they didn’t get the most expensive firearms in the shop, the story says.

“I have six electronically controlled machine guns that they didn’t touch,” Bernstein said.