Hi-Point is known for building inexpensive firearms that are durable beyond their price point—and that are objectively not appealing to the eye. But is a Hi-Point C9 robust enough to survive being dropped from a helicopter?

To answer this burning question, YouTuber Edwin Sarkissian enlists the aid of a Robinson R44 helicopter and takes to the friendly skies.

After the C9 pistol is equipped with a GoPro, it was bombed to the desert floor below. After they finally find the pistol, its obvious right away that the baseplate on the magazine was destroyed and its spring is hanging out. Sarkissian initially pulls the mag, and tries to dry fire the pistol but nothing happens. The trigger isn’t setting and/or the gun isn’t cocking, so its safe to say the shock of the fall mangled the internals.

So the answer to the question nobody asked: no, apparently a Hi Point cannot survive a fall from a helicopter.

They don’t say from what they helicopter’s altitude was when they dropped the gun, but it seemed pretty darn high.

Sarkissian repeats the test with a Glock 19, with slightly different results.

The Glock mostly held together while the zip ties and case for the attached GoPro did not. The only thing visibly wrong with the pistol was the front sight had been broken off.

The gun proceeded to fire three rounds, cycling just fine.