It has to be a special day in any football player’s life when they get the call telling them they’re heading to the top spot in the entire NFL, but for Carson Wentz the call came in a rather unusual setting.

Wentz lay in the midst of a New Jersey cornfield, a shotgun across his lap, hunting geese when Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Penderson rang him with the news that the team was about to trade Sam Bradford, moving him to starting quarterback for the season, according to this story from USA Today.

“I got the call, and I was obviously very surprised , but instantly, I was very excited,” Wentz said at a press conference this week. “A lot of excitement going on. We quickly cleaned up and got out of there because there were so many emotions going on. I was with my family and stuff. But now, it’s down to business. I can tell you that I’m very confident and excited in this opportunity.”

But did getting the news throw his mind off the hunt?

As he walked off the podium, Wetz said he got one goose. “Not a good morning.”

Yeah, that’s a hunter for sure. Not even such good news can make up for a lousy outing.

Wentz certainly isn’t the only NFL player to spend his free time with a hunting rifle or shotgun on their shoulder.

Eagle Hunts Geese, Is Named Starting Quarterback
Quarterback legend Brett Favre in the deer woods. photo from web photo

This story from rounded up 10 professional football players who hunt, including former Eagles outside linebacker Trent Cole, who hosts the big-game hunting program “Blitz TV.” Cole has taken a large bear in Canada with a bow and he’s no stranger to the water either. He caught a 500-pound bull shark off the coast of Florida.

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen is an avid hunter who is into primitive hunting, having taken a 200-pound wild boar with a knife and elk and bison with a spear. He also has a hunting show, “Relentless Pursuit.”

Football legend Brett Farve is well known as being a lifelong deer and bird hunter. Since he retired from the NFL, a lot hunting photos of him are appearing on social media. The story says Favre’s 1993 Pro Line portrait card for the Green Bay Packers showed him in a hunting outfit in the woods with a deer behind him.

New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck once told Outdoor Life about how he enjoys the challenge of bowhunting over hunting with firearms. On a big game trip to Africa, he shot a hartebeest, zebra, wildebeest, hyena, and a water buffalo with a bow.

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Eagle Hunts Geese, Is Named Starting Quarterback
New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck on an African bow hunt. photo from