Early Look: New LANTAC BMD Blast Diverter
The new LANTAC BMD cuts down on muzzle flash and prevents side-blast. See more photos at photo from

If you spend any time looking at MSR builds, and creating a gift list for yourself of add-ons and accessories for your rifle, then you’ve seen an increasing amount of shrouds covering muzzle brakes on MSRs. They look like miniature suppressors with a bunch of holes punched in various patterns. When combined with modern forends that terminate close to the muzzle, you don’t see any barrel at all.

These products are called muzzle device shrouds, and they definitely aren’t just for looks–although they do add something to an MSR that makes it more futuristic looking. Some products are also called blast shields or blast diverters.

The first such devices were introduced by Simplistic Shooting Devices and Kineti Tech several years ago. But what are they for?

It’s easy to see in this first look at the new LANTAC BMD (Blast Mitigation Device) from The top photo is a round being fired with just a muzzle brake. The second is the same brake covered by the BMD.

Early Look: New LANTAC BMD Blast Diverter
A LANTAC Dragon muzzle brake fired without a shroud.
Early Look: New LANTAC BMD Blast Diverter
…and with the LANTAC BMD installed.

These high-speed photos show the dramatic difference in side blast and muzzle flash with and without the shroud installed.

It works by redirecting the blast from a round forward instead of to the sides into the unit’s outer cylinder, diffusing it so it exits via strategically positioned holes at the top and sides of the BMD, but not the bottom, which assists with managing muzzle climb. The BMD is unique in that it is designed to work specifically with the popular LANTAC Dragon muzzle brake, and has vertical ports that allow the brake to function as it does without the shroud.

Once installed over the brake, the BMD can be removed easily by depressing two spring-loaded catches on either side and sliding the unit forward.

It addition to helping manage muzzle climb, when shooting in close-quarters situations or out of a vehicle, this type of device shields the person next to you from catching some muzzle blast from a high-pressure rifle round right in the face. It also saves your vision for followup shots in low-light environments.