If you have a hunter or shooter on your Christmas list—or if you want to drop a hint for a gift for you–check out these items. All are available now, in stores or via the Internet. Some are reasonably priced stocking stuffers, and there’s a very special gift for the gun owner who has it all.

MTM Ammo Crates

MTM Ammo Crates.
MTM Ammo Crates. mfg photo

You can never have enough ammunition. But where are you going to keep it? MTM Ammo Crates are ideal for the job. Featuring rugged polypropylene construction, they can hold up to 85 pounds.

The heavy-duty latching system and MTM’s tongue-and -groove O-ring seal provide superior water resistance to keep ammo, reloading supplies and other shooting accessories moisture-free. It has two side-mounted handles for easy carrying.

It’s available in two sizes, one that’s 4.5 inches deep and one that’s 7.25 inches deep. MSRP: 4.5-inch model, $19.49; 7.25-inch model, $21.95.

The Little Rattler and Sidewinder Spinner Targets

Birchwood Casey’s Little Rattler and Sidewinder Spinner targets.
Birchwood Casey’s Little Rattler and Sidewinder Spinner targets. mfg photo

Shooting practice is important, but practice and plinking are more fun when you can see the target move after bullet impact. Birchwood Casey’s new Little Rattler and Sidewinder Spinner targets are just the ticket. Both are made specifically to handle .22 rimfire rounds, with the minimum distance for shooters and observers of 25 yards.

The Little Rattler has a heavy-duty frame that suspends a gong between two swivels. Hit the gong and it spins and rattles, providing plenty of confirmation of a hit. Accidently shoot a swivel? No problem—the Little Rattler comes with an extra set.

The Sidewinder Spinner features a swivelling double-paddle target mounted on a tough, heavy-duty stake. The target spins when shot, and the self-correcting paddles always return to face the shooter. MSRP: Little Rattler, $68.40; Sidewinder, $45.60.

Blackhawk GripBreak Holster

The GripBreak Holster from Blackhawk!.
The GripBreak Holster from Blackhawk!. mfg photo

This new holster combines the beauty and comfort of premium drum-dyed Italian leather with the security of a locking retention system. The GripBreak’s patented locking mechanism offers secure weapon retention, and the thumb release allows users to maintain a master grip and perform a quick, smooth draw.

It’s designed specifically for the needs of concealed carry and law enforcement, and fits most Glock and Smith & Wesson M&P pistols. MSRP: $62.45.

Maxpedition’s Ordnance Range Backpack

Maxpedition’s Ordnance Range Backpack.
Maxpedition’s Ordnance Range Backpack. mfg photo

Maxpedition’s new Ordnance Range Backpack features a separate lockable compartment for two lockable padded pistol cases, which are included. A full-sized main compartment up front holds other range gear.

Made of 1050-Denier nylon, the lightweight fabric is water and abrasion resistant, and is treated with Teflon fabric protector for grime resistance. It’s available in black, foliage green, khaki, OD green, and wolf gray. MSRP: $132.

Walker’s Ultimate Digital Quad Connect Ear Protection

Walker's Ultimate Digital Quad Connect.
Walker’s Ultimate Digital Quad Connect. mfg photo

Walker’s Game Ear, a pioneer in hearing protection, introduces the Ultimate Digital Quad Connect. This device offers state-of-the-art digital technology including Bluetooth wireless and adjustable frequency tuning, while providing up to nine times hearing enhancement.

It switches to sound suppression as soon as a loud noise is detected. These Ultimate series muffs have a noise reduction rating of 27 decibels. Its Bluetooth sync capabilities allow connections to mobile devices without sacrificing hearing protection while in the field or at the range.

A soft padded headband provides all-day comfort. It operates on two AAA batteries. MSRP: $299.99.

Caldwell BR Pivot Premium Shooting Bench

Caldwell’s BR Pivot Premium Shooting Bench
Caldwell’s BR Pivot Premium Shooting Bench. mfg photo

There’s nothing handier for sighting in or practicing than a portable, adjustable shooting table, and Caldwell’s BR Pivot Premium Shooting Bench is easy to set up anywhere, providing portable, rock-sold shooting stability.

Table height and level are adjustable by turning the hand screws located at the end of each leg. Seat height is adjustable, too, from 16 to 27 inches, and the seat is thickly padded for hours of comfortable use.

The bench stem rotates 360 degrees with ease, allowing you to stay in position and swivel around to engage targets in any direction. Its top is made of American hardwood. Weight is 65 pounds. MSRP: $459.99.

SilencerCo Radius Rangefinder

SilencerCo's Radius Rangefinder.
SilencerCo’s Radius Rangefinder. mfg photo

Best known for its high-quality suppressors, SilencerCo has expanded its R&D reach into a number of shooting-related products, including the all-new Radius rangefinder. The radius mounts on a Picatinny rail, can range out to one mile, features a user configurable display, provides continuous ranging for 12 hours with (2) CR123 batteries, and is resistant to extreme weather elements.

Most range finders are hand-held units, requiring you to hold the range finder to determine the range, set down the range finder, and then pick up your rifle and aim at your target. Not so with the Radius.

Thanks to the rail mounting design, you keep your rifle on your shoulder as you range, and quickly transition to aiming, saving vital seconds. It can be operated via buttons on the back of the unit or an included pressure switch. MSRP: $999.

Republic Forge Customized 1911

A Republic Forge Customized 1911.
A Republic Forge Customized 1911. mfg photo

Price is no object and you want to give that special someone (or get for yourself) a unique, high-quality handgun? Consider a custom-made Model 1911 from Texas handgun maker Republic Forge. The Republic Forge website lets you “build” your own 1911 by choosing among various frame and slide options, Cerakote finishes, sights, plus grip designs, and materials—including ivory from an extinct woolly mammoth.

Basic models start at around $2,700. A fully tricked-out 1911 with mammoth ivory grips and other top-of-the-line options goes for $7,000.