Carson Saabye
Carson Saabye earned a bronze medal in Women’s Air Pistol. photo from NRA

An eighth-grade pistol shooter has become the youngest National Team member in the history of USA Shooting.

Carson Saabye, a straight-A student and member of the National Junior Honors Society, earned a bronze medal in Women’s Air Pistol. Saabye was also the runner up to Lydia Patterson in the junior event and will compete this week in the Sport Pistol event, according to

Saabye has been shooting for just three years and is part of a rising group of junior competitors who train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs as part of the National Training Center Junior Shooting Club program.

In a sport where competitors often stick around for a good number of years, Saabye is breaking through and making a name for herself early. Five-time olympic medalist Kim Rhode was a National Team Member at 14.

“It’s kind of like it’s not actually real,” Saabye said. “It’s a dream or something and I’m just really happy about it.”

She started shooting because her dad took her to the range, hoping someone in the family could become his shooting partner. She wasn’t into rifles, like her father had hoped, but pistols fascinated her, according to the story.

“I love shooting because it’s difficult mentally and still challenging physically,” she said. “It’s unlike any other sport because I can shoot with people who just started, Olympians and people of all ages. It’s a personal sport, so it’s just me controlling my outcome and everyone here is nice and supportive. I would like to experience the Olympic dream and go as far as it will take me. I’ll compete in this sport as long as I’m having fun.”