Elvis Presley's Colt Python Up for Auction
A Smith & Wesson Model 19-2 revolver once owned by Elvis Presley will be auctioned in May. photo from Rock Island Auction Company

One thing’s for sure, Elvis Presley liked guns…and he owned quite a few of them.

We posted a story not long ago about a plain-jane Colt Police Positive .32 pistol that Elvis had given to one of his bodyguards as a gift, selling at auction for more than $10,000.

Now, according to American Rifleman, two more guns owned by The King—and that are a little more “Elvis” in style—will be hitting the Rock Island Auction Company block during an event from May 5 to 7.

First up is a glitzy Smith & Wesson Model 19-2. According to RIAC, the revolver is an exhibition-grade .357 Magnum that is accompanied by many documents and receipts establishing it as one of Elvis’ guns.

Elvis Presley's Colt Python Up for Auction
The gun was customized by Friedrich Wilhelm Heym Co. in Germany. photo from Rock Island Auction Company

It was licensed to Presley on November 6, 1970. It was sent to Friedrich Wilhelm Heym Co. in Germany for custom embellishments including relief leaf and scroll engraving with gold and silver inlaid borders and five raised gold North American game animals, something you usually see on engraved high-caliber rifles instead of a Smith & Wesson K-frame.

The engraving continues through the staghorn grips, which have a vine and scroll pattern and feature two more engraved game animals.

Once all the custom work was completed, Elvis took the gun to Washington D.C. and presented it to Vice President Spiro Agnew. Agnew kept the gun a short while before returning it when authorities began investigating him for corruption, leading to his eventual resignation.

Later, after getting the gun back, Elvis gifted the gun to a local sheriff during a visit to Graceland.

The sheriff’s nephew ended up with the gun, and he brought it to RIAC.

Another elaborately decorated Elvis gun on the docket is a gorgeous Colt Python in .357 magnum. In recent years, the popularity of the discontinued revolver has skyrocketed. Along with its lineage and custom decoration, this gun should fetch a hefty price.

Elvis Presley's Colt Python Up for Auction
Elvis Presley’s Colt Python. photo from Rock Island Auction Company

The revolver was featured in a 1973 issue of Guns Magazine, though it has never been available for sale until now.

It was also decorated by Friedrich Wilhelm Heym Co. in the same style as the Model 19-2. Elvis presented the gun to Richard Grob, the Director of Security and Operations for Elvis Presley Enterprises. Grob worked for Presley from 1967 until his death in 1977 and in that time became a close friend.

From RIAC:

“This Colt Python enjoys 95% coverage of the same masterfully executed relief leaf and scroll engraving that was ordered on his Smith & Wesson Model 19. Silver and gold inlays abound, often serving as borders, and again five raised gold North American big game animals make their presence known around the frame. The scrimshaw-esque grips are again a perfect compliment with their sweeping scrollwork framing a leaping stag on one side and a pouncing mountain lion on the other.”

Elvis Presley's Colt Python Up for Auction
A closeup of the Colt Python. This pistol was also decorated in Germany. photo from Rock Island Auction Company

While some website reported that the guns were sold in early March, they in fact, had not been sold yet.

A number of guns once owned or gifted by Presley have been ending up on auction blocks in recent years.

The Daily Mail reports that a Smith & Wesson .38 Special revolver given to Dr. George Nichopoulos by Elvis sold for $6,000 in March, 2016.

Elvis Presley's Colt Python Up for Auction
An Elvis tribute rifle made by Henry Repeating Arms. photo from American Rifleman

The King’s Walther PPK pistol engraved with “Elvis” and “TCB” (a favorite credo of Presley and his close friends was “Taking Care of Business”) went for over $100,000 at auction held at Graceland in 2015.

There is even a tribute firearm to Presley out there that you can own made by America Remembers, if you can find one. The Elvis Presley Tribute Henry Rifle is built on a Henry Repeating Arms Big Boy Carbine Rifle in .45 Colt. A limited run of 500 have been produced with 24-karat gold and nickel with elegant scrollwork and blackened patina highlights to accentuate the details of the artwork, the story says. Each rifle has a 16.5-inch octagonal barrel with an American walnut stock and fore-end and a large loop lever.

The rifle’s actual artwork features depictions that “capture the career of Elvis,” including a “TCB” with lightning bolt (Taking Care of Business in a Flash). The left side of the receiver has a portrait of Elvis from his early career and an image from his “Aloha from Hawaii” concert and TV special. The right side has two more scenes of Elvis performing for his fans.

Elvis Presley's Colt Python Up for Auction
“Taking Care of Business in a Flash.” photo from American Rifleman