Brian Fletcher
Brian Fletcher, A North Carolina tower climber responding to storm damage in New Jersey, was charged for the handgun in his truck.

In another example of the shortcomings of New Jersey’s strict gun laws, a tower climber from North Carolina faces felony weapons charges after alerting police to a handgun kept in his vehicle.

Brian Fletcher mobilized his crew to come to the Garden State on June 28 to help repair the cell phone network in Trenton after several towers were damaged in a recent storm, according to this story on He brought his legal-in-North-Carolina firearm along in his truck. On the night of June 28, Fletcher and his crew were waiting in a parking lot for instructions on the next job.

A police officer pulled up to the men and asked what they were doing. After talking with the officer, Fletcher handed over his ID and, as per North Carolina law, informed the officer that he had a firearm in his vehicle.

In New Jersey, having a handgun in your vehicle is considered the same as carrying a concealed weapon, for which the state rarely issues permits. Furthermore, New Jersey doesn’t recognize concealed-carry permits issued by North Carolina or any other state. Fletcher was arrested and charged with carrying a firearm, a Class 2 felony, and is currently in his home state on $25,000 bail. His initial trial date is July 13.

Fletcher is applying for Pre-Trial Intervention and soliciting a pardon from N.J. Governor Chris Christie, who has pardoned two people charged with gun crimes in similar circumstances, and commuted the sentence of another.

To find out how to contact the right people to request a Pre-Trial Intevention for Fletcher or to email Gov. Christie, go here and scroll to the bottom.