Emergency Worker Hoping for Pardon After N.J. Arrest

Brian Fletcher, right, with his family. photo from facebook.com.

In July we reported on the case of Brian Fletcher, a North Carolina tower climber who was arrested in New Jersey on firearms charges while he was in the state performing emergency repairs to cell phone equipment. Now, Fletcher's attorney, Les Hartman, is finalizing a clemency application in the hopes that presidential hopeful Gov. Chris Christie follows through on public comments he made that he will pardon his client, according to this story on nj.com.

Fletcher and his crew came to the Garden State on June 28, and he brought his legal-in-North-Carolina firearm along with him, stowed in his truck. When they were approached by police, Fletcher did as the law in his home state requires, and told the officer he had a firearm in his vehicle. He was arrested and charged with a Class 2 felony and released on $25,000 bail. His initial trial date is set for July 13.

New Jersey does not recognize any other state's gun laws or permits, something Fletcher says he didn't know about.

"We have this gentleman who we're considering right now for pardon, from North Carolina, who was up here, helping New Jersey after the storm to repair cell towers," Christie said. "This is just not the right way to do these things. This was not a guy who was a threat to anybody."

Hartman said he hopes to have the clemency application to state parole authorities, who handle clemency, by the end of the week, the story says. If Fletcher is not granted a pardon, the married father of two would have to return to New Jersey for trial, or to apply for the state's pre-trial intervention program.