For three decades, the Saratoga Springs Arms Fair has put on over 100 gun shows. Now, it’s looking for a new home, after the City Center refused to book new shows, according to this story form

The story says that a local anti-gun group, Saratogians for Gun Safety has long made the semi-annual arms fair its nemesis, even though anti-gun politicians visited the show in 2013 and called it an example of compliance with New York’s SAFE Act gun laws.

Now, the Arms Fair is being told that there are no available dates for the show in 2017 or 2018.

“We are booked there for August 20 to 21, and that’s the final booking date there that I’ve got,” show organizer David Petrnois said in the story. “You can run an antique show, or if you can run a healthcare event, or if you can run any other things there that people are making at, why can’t I make money at my legitimate gun show that the Attorney General of New York State says is the safest place to buy a gun?”

The story says City Center in Saratoga County couldn’t be reached for comment and that gun control advocates are upping their campaign to ask gun shows at City Center be banned outright, arguing it encourages the transport and carrying of firearms through Saratoga’s downtown area and drains public safety resources due to police security for the event.

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