Fusion MSR Hunting Loads
Fusion MSR Hunting Loads
Federal Premium’s Fusion line is made specifically for hunting with MSRs.

As modern sporting rifles continue to evolve and take over more niches in the shooting sports, Federal Premium

has developed MSR loads in its Fusion line that are specifically designed for hunting. They are made to perform at their ballistic peak through 16-inch barrels for AR-15 platforms, and through 20-inch barrels for AR-10 platform MSRs.

Americans have bought more than 3 million MSRs, and a growing number of people are using these semiautomatic rifles to hunt predators and small- and big-game animals. Such hunters need more options in ammo, which the Fusion MSR loads provide. All components of the Fusion MSR ammunition–primer, propellant, bullet, and case—are optimized for MSRs used for hunting. Bullet tips are skived to enhance long-range expansion. A Molecularly-fused jacket around a pressure-formed core increases accuracy, and a Boat-tail bullet design flattens trajectories.

Prices range from $27.95 for a box of 20 .223 Rem. Loads with 62-grain Fusion bullets, to $37.95 for 20 .338 Federal rounds with185-grain Fusion bullets.