Federal Custom Shop
Federal Ammunition is introducing a new concept in factory ammunition: an online service providing customized cartridges and shotshells that, until now, only handloaders could create. Federal Ammunition

Imagine being able to have the exact ammo you want created for you in a precision ammunition-making facility, boxed up, and sent right to you.

Federal ammunition new concept in ammunition manufacturing plans to make that very process a reality this summer.

The Federal Custom Shop will be an online service providing customized cartridges and shotshells that, until now, only handloaders could create.

The company will be unveiling its new custom-loaded ammunition shop at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits (NRAAM) held in Indianapolis this weekend that will allow customers to create their own loads and have them built to order by Federal.

The Custom Shop, launching this summer, will allow customers to choose from several different centerfire rifle offerings with a wide selection of bullets from Federal, Nosler, Berger, Swift, and more. Plus, custom TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) shotshells for turkey, waterfowl, and upland hunting will also be available.

Federal Custom Shop
An early promo for the new Federal Custom Shop. Federal Ammunition

According to a Federal representative, “If what you want isn’t in Federal’s vast catalog, but they have the components and capability to custom build it, they will do their best to build it for you.”

As such, all Custom Shop ammo consists of products not listed in Federal’s catalog.

According to the company, “Each Custom Shop round is painstakingly loaded to order by our team of expert engineers in our state-of-the-art reloading workshop. These veteran craftsmen combine the best components with extra quality checks at every stage for the most consistent velocity, accuracy, and overall performance.

“Loads are then hand-checked for final inspection and cleaned before being custom-packed in durable, personalized packaging.”

The actual hand loading facility where the cartridges will be built is in “a specialized room at Federal’s main factory in Anoka, Minnesota.” It’s not open to the public, as the Custom Shop is a virtual store only and will launch some time this summer.

But that’s not all Federal has in store for NRAAM. The company will also be announcing new products, including three loads in 350 Legend with 160-grain Fusion bonded soft point bullets, 180-grain Power-Shok soft points, or 180-grain Non-Typical soft points.

The cartridge has been marketed as the fastest straight-walled cartridge available since its introduction at SHOT Show earlier this year while having significantly less recoil than the 450 Bushmaster. Since its introduction, it has been chambered in bolt guns and AR-platform rifles. It’s also legal for hunting in many areas where bottlenecked, centerfire cartridges are prohibited.

The new 350 Legend cartridges will be available this summer in 20-round packs with MSRPs from $26.95 to $32.95, depending on the load.