Every once in awhile, you see an innovator who suffers from “Swiss Army syndrome,” in that he or she just tries too hard to pack a bunch of separately useful things into one supremely useless package. Sometimes these innovations strike the right balance of variety and usefulness, like the multi-too. Sometimes they do not.

And sometimes, just sometimes, somebody goes so Rube Goldberg in their garage that the results are priceless.

This wily Canadian combined five firearms, yes—five—into this unholy creation. From this Youtube video, it looks like he took some kind of vice block and used it to attach the firearms to each other via their integrated Picatinny top rails. Fully loaded, the 5-in-1 gun weighs a whopping 50 pounds.

It consists of independently great, and pricey, guns as follows:

  • A Marlin 1895 GS lever-action rifle

  • A Remington 870 Wingmaster/Masterkey pump shotgun

  • An IWI TAR-21 bullpup rifle

  • A UTS UTAS 15 high-cap bullpup pump shotgun

  • A Derya MK-10 AR-style shotgun

It’s unwieldy, practically useless, probably unsafe, ugly as sin—and pretty awesome. Zorg and his ZF1 would be most impressed: