Some residents in parts of Florida are calling a congressional candidate’s plan to give away an AR rifle on July Fourth is insensitive, while others are pretty happy about it, according to this story from

Greg Evers is the state Senator running for Congress who has announced this week he will give away a brand new AR-15 rifle, the type of rifle used in the Orlando attack that has reignited the debate of a so-called “assault weapon” ban.

“This has nothing to do with the incident in Orlando,” Evers says in the story.

“But it could still be misconstrued as insensitive?” asked reporter Mike Vasilinda.

“Not really, because this is the Second Amendment we’re talking about,” Evers replied.

Though the story doesn’t specify the rifle’s make and model, it says “the gun is top of the line, valued at just under $2,000. The Second Amendment is printed on the lower portion of the rifle.”

To be eligible to win the rifle, an individual has to live in the First Congressional district and pass a normal NICS background check, and that’s about it. The story doesn’t say where or how Evers will draw the winner.

The story says the promotion is going over very well in the First District.

“Just how well it goes over will get a real answer when primary voters make a choice in late August,” said Baker resident Hayward North in the story.

Jennifer Augustine is from a rural Florida town called Baker, with a population of 300 or so, where she runs a feed store and says guns are a way of life.

“They like to shoot for sport and pleasure and protection of their family,” Augustine said. “There’s a bunch of crazy people out there.”