This ones for the dudes out there. If you’re a hunting noob heading into the duck blind or the deer woods for the first time this fall, or even just hunting with some new people, here are some annoying, and hilarious, hunter stereotypes you would do best to avoid, laid out in a new vid from Dude Perfect.

If you want to get invited to hunt with your buds again, don’t be the “Hey, mind if I call for a while?” guy if you’ve never called before. And please, stay quiet, and awake, in the blind while you’re decked out in all your brand new, unnecessarily orange gear—that’s if your buddies could get you out of your bunk in the first place.

“My bottom half looks very quail-like.” Classic. We all know the Box for a Bird guy who goes through 400 or so shells in a morning. And when you’re hunting with a bunch of dudes, that bottle on the floor in the blind, it’s almost certainly not apple juice.