Clint Eastwood is one of the most admired film stars today and has always been known as an experienced shooter who brought a level a realism to the firearm use he portrayed on screen. Now, his daughter, Francesca Eastwood, looks to be following his footsteps.

Angels and Outlaws will soon be coming to VOD services, Francesca’s first foray into the Western genre that her father helped redefined more than once throughout his career.

Francesca Eastwood Taking After Dad Clint
A still of Francesca Eastwood from the trailer for her western Angels and Outlaws (2016). photo from Youtube

Francesca actually has a good number of credits to her name, starting her career playing Olivia Jones on the TV show Oh, You Pretty Things! in 2014 and as Molly Walker in Heroes Reborn in 2015.

Outlaws and Angels, which was released in 2016, is the story of a group of outlaws on the run who invade the home of a seemingly unsuspecting and innocent frontier family to hide out for a while. It turns out, not everyone is as they seem and things get crazy.

Francesca Eastwood Taking After Dad Clint
Francesca Eastwood keeps her eyes open when firing a Remington 1875 in Angels and Outlaws, something many actors, and shooters, have a hard time doing. photo from Youtube

One thing cannot be denied: Francesca looks like a complete natural with a gun on-screen, especially when cocking the ivory-gripped single-action Remington 1875 revolver she wields in the film.

It should be noted that Francesca also keeps her eyes open when firing the big revolver, as you can see in the still from the trailer above—something actors of varying experience often have a hard time doing, even with blanks.

Francesca Eastwood Taking After Dad Clint
Francesca Eastwood is no stranger to the Hollywood scene, pictured here at a premier event for HBO’s Westworld. web photo

Next up for Francesca is a movie called The Vault in which she plays one of a pair of estranged sisters forced to rob a bank in order to save their brother, “but it’s no ordinary bank.” Since the movie is classified as a horror thriller, expect a good dose of violence, and hopefully some cool guns.

She’ll also be making an appearance in the revival of David Lynch’s 1990s cult classic TV show, Twin Peaks, which premiers in May.


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