Furious 7 uses Crimson Trace Laser Sights
Laser sights look cool, but they also work fast and can make home defense—which is more likely to occur at night—much easier.

Laser sights on guns look really cool when featured in a car-crashing blockbuster movie. But laser sights are also cool because they help new gun owners learn to shoot, they provide fast aim on close-range targets, and they show well the dark. Also, whether in a movie or—dread of dreads—in real life, a red dot floating on a bad guy can end a situation before it turns ugly.

Furious 7 uses Crimson Trace Laser Sights

So Kent Thomas, director of marketing for Crimson Trace, says he wasn’t surprised when Hollywood came calling for laser sights to be used in the action flick Furious 7, which premiered on April 3.

The leading cast’s firearms are equipped with actual Crimson Trace laser sights, not movie-prop productions. Thomas says three more big-budget movies in production have good and bad guys using Crimson Trace’s lasers.