foam action sports foam rests

The FoamRests from FoamAction Sports are unlike any other rests I’ve seen before. To be sure, I even did a Google Images search for “shooting rests” and saw nothing like them. Instead, I got pictures of table mounts, heavy sand bags, mats, and various vices and jigs to lock your gun in place.

While these are all good options and I’ve used many of them with great success, there’s no denying that they can have their shortcomings. Some of the mounts, vices, and jigs can be cost prohibitive to shooters. I totally get it; sometimes it’s hard to justify spending a good bit of money on something “just” to steady your gun. They can also be heavy. Let’s face it: most of these items aren’t compact. Most options don’t fit in your range bag, and if they do (like shooting bags), they’ll weigh your range bag down in a hurry.

foam action sports foam rests
The FoamRests can be used together or separately and each can be turned on its side for a lower shooting position. photo by T. Logan Metesh

FoamAction Sports company founders Ross and Mike came up with the idea for FoamRests in college as a way to have a better rest alternative to sandbags or the carpeted pieces of wood that they saw at their local range. The creation process was actually pretty simple. It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that?”

Their solution is a piece of charcoal gray foam, measuring 8.5”x6.5”x3” overall, with three V-shaped notches measuring 3” wide and 1.5” deep cut into it. That’s it!

foam action sports foam rest
The rests are even helpful for gun cleaning and won’t absorb solvents or oils. photo by T. Logan Metesh

There is, however, a bit more to it than meets the eye. The material is a UV and water-resistant, closed-cell blend of foam. This means that it will withstand the abuse of heavy guns and sharp edges, won’t absorb water, and the material actually helps absorb some recoil.

How much they actually weigh, though, is beyond me. I’ve only got a bathroom scale and the rests don’t even register on it.

Field testing them was easy—and not just because I live rural and can shoot in my yard. They’re compact enough that I was able to throw them in my shooting bag, along with my eyes, ears, ammo, paper targets, and other assorted range stuff that tends to accumulate in the bottom of my bag.

photo by T. Logan Metesh


Once I was in my shooting spot, I set the block (or blocks, depending on what I was doing) up and was ready to shoot. They’re tall enough to allow clearance for a 30-round AR magazine or for working the action on a lever gun. If you’re only using one rest, you can throw the other one under your arm for a little extra cushion or prop the spare under your main rest for some added height—or, set the FoamRest on its side if you need some stability but height is of no consequence.

foam action sports foam rests
The rests offer enough clearance for a 30-round AR magazine or the loop on a lever gun. photo by T. Logan Metesh

They even came in handy when it was time to clean my guns. I put them on the workbench and used one to prop up my long guns while I swabbed the barrels and did more detailed cleaning. Again, because they’re water resistant, the rests didn’t soak up any of the bore cleaner or oil I inevitably dribbled onto them.

FoamAction Sports’ mission statement is, “To provide high quality products and unmatched customer support at extremely affordable prices.” They manage to do all of that very well. Their site only offers two things—an individual rest and a pack of two. When I reached out to them, co-founder Matt is the one who personally responded with me. And let’s not forget about the prices: $14.99 for one and $26.99 for a two-pack. Discounts for law enforcement and military have the potential to make them even more affordable to you.

foam action sports foam rest
In its highest position, there’s plenty of clearance for a 30-round AR mag. photo by T. Logan Metesh

In all honesty, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to write a full review of something so simple. After using the rests multiple times, that doubt disappeared. When you truly like a product, then it’s easy to gush about it. (Don’t ask me to write a review of Hoppes 9 or Rem Oil unless you want to be here all night.)

To me, the best part about the FoamAction Sports FoamRests is that they’re made by a couple guys running a small business in Massachusetts, utilizing American materials to make an all-American product to be used in the most American hobby of all time.

For more information, visit Foam Action Sports or check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.