Georgia Woman Uses Gun to Save 14-Year-Old Son
The Subway clerk retrieved her pistol from her purse when she sensed something amiss with two men who entered the restaurant. photo from web photo

There will be no charges filed against a Subway restaurant employee who shot and killed a man attempting to rob the establishment in broad daylight, according to this story from

Richmond County Sheriffs in Augusta, Georgia say two men with crowbars tried to rob the Subway on Gordon Highway. During the robbery, one of the suspects struck the clerk’s 14-year-old son, who happened to be in the store at the time, in the head with a crowbar. Police said in the story that’s when the clerk, who was working alone, began firing shots at both suspects.

Cornelius Lamar Harrison, 24, was shot in the upper torso and died later at the hospital.

The other suspect, Howard Maurice Harris, 25, was arrested on August 22 after being hospitalized for an unrelated medical issue and was discovered to have methamphetamine on him, the story says.

Harris faces charges that include felony possession of methamphetamine, aggravated assault, and felony murder, police said in the story.

Harris was originally misidentified as Brandon Simmons until fingerprinting revealed his true identity and linked him to the robbery.

The story from says the two suspects came into the Subway and asked the clerk about the Atlanta area and if she had a car jack. One man then went to the bathroom while the other paced around the store.

According to the story, the clerk said she became suspicious and retrieved her handgun from her purse in the back of the store.

Then she heard one of the men tell her son to go to the back of the store, while the other man jumped the counter. That’s when the one suspect hit her son in the head with the implement, and the clerk opened fire.

The story says she fired two shots at the suspects in the store and then followed them outside, firing one more round, which struck Harrison.

“It’s sad for anyone to lose their life and I hate to think about anything like this,” said the owner of the nearby Pyramid Music and More, Robert Gordon. “It’s sad for someone to intimidate somebody with robbery or whatever, but things like this do happen in the world we live in.”

The clerk’s son was treated and released from the hospital with stitches, the story says.

According to Georgia law, unless the owner of the business forbids it, a person with a concealed carry license can have a gun on them at their place of work.