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To say the accessory market for the AR platform has exploded in the last 10 years is a complete understatement. Over the past decade, many companies have come out with different products to make America’s favorite rifle more controllable and more comfortable to shoot. If you are in the market for a new foregrip for your AR-platform rifle, or any rifle with an under-barrel accessory rail, making a choice can be a daunting task once you review all of the options out there. From vertical to angled, and hand-stop fore grips, there are dozens of choices that you could make, whether your handguard is a Keymod, M-LOK, 1913 Quad Rail, or something in between. Here, I’ll touch on some of the most popular manufacturers and the models they have on the market, and a bit about the advantages of each, so your choice can be a little easier. MAGPUL INDUSTRIES



Magpul Industries has been a game changer since they first opened their doors. They have filled the market with various products at multiple price points which can satisfy just about any budget. Not to mention that they are known for quality regardless of money spent.

When it comes to foregrips, they have one of the larger selections of products that fit many different needs. Their vertical fore grip line up has three models: the RVG, Railed Vertical Grip, attaches directly to a 1913 rail section, while their M-LOK MVG, and MOE MVG attaches directly to the M-LOK system, and the proprietary MOE handguard system.

These vertical fore grips are cost friendly ranging from $19.95 to $24.95, depending on style, and they are made of a high-quality, low-weight polymer.



For angled fore grips, Magpul offers their AFG line. Their original model attaches directly to a 1913 rail section, and offers a foregrip solution that allows a shooter to have a reliable hand stop and a platform to pull a rifle into the shoulder with the support arm without adding bulk or a vertical grip that can get caught on foliage or equipment.

Angled foregrips are also legally suited for AR pistols. Federal law dictates that a vertical foregrip cannot be attached to a pistol, but an angled foregrip is a different story. These grips can also can aid with the popular thumb-over-bore grip on your handguard.

Now that slimmer handguards have come to be readily available, Magpul has produced an AFG that fits the trend. Their M-LOK AFG attaches directly to an M-LOK system handguard and maintains a very slim profile.

These AFGs range in price from $26.95 to $34.95.



To go even more low-profile, Magpul also offers handstop fore grips that can work with a 1913 rail section or an M-LOK system.

These are a personal favorite of mine and work well if you would like to keep your handguard as slim as possible. They also provide plenty of room for larger palms and work well to properly index your hand in the same spot every time. They also allow a shooter to keep their hand from possibly sliding farther down the handguard toward the muzzle when using an extended “C-Clamp” grip, especially important on short firearms.

Like all of Magpul’s products shown so far, installation is a breeze and all attachment hardware is of quality construction. Any time I’ve used a Magpul product, I never had a worry that I would strip hardware out or anything of the kind during installation.

These handstop kits range in price from $19.95 to $24.95.


Strike Industries was formed in 2011, and they have their finger of the pulse of the firearms industry. They are always coming up with new products to meet shooters’ needs, and also have options that can meet any budget. They have product that just about any shooter can appreciate, and they range from stocks, handguards, muzzle devices, and optics accessories.

strike industries fore grips
From left to right, the SI Cobra Tactical Fore Grip, and the SI LINK-CFG. Strike Industries

As far as foregrips go, they offer two models that offer utility in a small package. Their polymer Cobra Tactical Fore Grip is a lightweight, but rigid angled fore grip that also utilizes a handstop. On the front side of the handstop is a textured “wall” that can be pushed against the edges of barriers to provide a stable shooting platform. This angled fore grip attaches directly to a Picatinny rail and provides a comfortable grip.

Their LINK-CFG (Curved Fore Grip) is made out of 6061 aluminum. Whereas most companies make the mounting system for only one platform, Strike Industries developed mounting hardware for either Keymod or M-LOK, truly making the LINK modular and adaptable.

The Curved Fore Grip falls somewhere between an angled grip and a handstop and does the jobs of both well. From my own experience with this model, it is very solid once installed, but for shooters with larger hands, it may feel slightly small.

Prices range from $25-39.95 with these two models and can be found at


Mission First Tactical, or MFT, is largely known for their buttstocks. Their Minimalist stock is one of the best choices for a shooter trying to make a lightweight build, or for anyone that appreciates a well made, and comfortable stock. Their magazines have also proven to be a reliable choice if a shooter wants something different. They recently also began producing muzzle devices.

mission first tactical fore grips
From left to right, the REACT Short, REACT Folding Grip, QD, and REACT Torch Vertical Grips Mission First Tactical

Their REACT line of vertical foregrips give a few options for a shooter that wants a vertical foregrip and also needs storage options built in.

The REACT Short Grip provides a quality vertical foregrip and attaches directly to a Picatinny rail section. The removable core can store spare batteries.

The REACT Folding Grip has the same profile as the REACT Short Grip, but can be deployed as a vertical or as an angled foregrip by depressing the locking button. The REACT Quick Disconnect vertical fore grip is a full-fist-size grip and features the same texturing as the other REACT models. It also features the same storage capability but can be installed and removed without the use of tools.

To finish off MFT’s product lineup, the REACT Torch and Vertical Grip is a performance packed accessory that also has the benefit of being a grip and a gun-light mount in one.

For right-handed shooters, a pressure pad can be installed for a gun light on the grip, or a light can be used with a tail-cap thumb switch. This model also features a lock out button, so when the gun is stored or cased, the light can’t be activated. The grip can accommodate lights varying in tube sizes from .75″, .825″, and 1″.

Prices range from $19.99-49.99 and can be found at


Ryker USA is a relatively new company. It is veteran operated and developed its FIST Grip with the aid of the special forces community and competition shooters. The design is drastically different than a standard vertical or angled grip. The FIST Grip is designed to attach directly to a Picatinny rail section on the side of the handguard, not the bottom.

This method of attachment goes hand in hand with a different method of shooting a rifle. Grabbing the weapon with your arm extended while grabbing the FIST allows the shooter to drive the weapon faster on targets, helps mitigate recoil and also muzzle flip.

It is definitely a different approach, but the theory of the product and the shooting method has merits. It is made of a military grade polymer that can handle plenty of abuse.

The FIST Grip sells for $74.99 and can be found at

ryker usa fore grips
Shown is the side profile of the FIST Grip from Ryker USA. It attaches on a side rail at the 9 o’clock position (for right handed shooters) and requires a different grip that helps mitigate recoil and muzzle flip. Ryker

Countless Options

In the arena of accessories and foregrips for the AR platform, it really is practically limitless. The great part about the rifle is the modularity. If you aren’t in love with a part, you can always change it or upgrade. Or if you have an addiction like me, buy different fore grips for every rifle you build, and try something new! Just don’t keep spare parts laying around, or you’ll wind up building another rifle.