With the current push for more gun control laws, not only are people flocking to gun shops to buy firearms, but they’re also crowding shooting ranges to get in practice so they know how to use them. A report from focuses on one that’s a bit bigger and more luxurious than most.

The Centennial Gun Club, the largest gun range in Colorado and one of the largest ranges in the country, has been seeing about 1,000 people a day on weekends and 600 on weekdays, a traffic increase of about 30 percent for the upscale, 35,000 square-foot center.

The range is two years old, covers 35,000 square feet and cost $10 million to build, according to the story. It has 28 firing lanes, along with a training center, a 5,000-square-foot gun shop, and eight V.I.P. lanes. Want to schedule a business meeting? Rent the range’s boardroom. While there you can access the Statesman’s Lounge, an exclusive section of the range where you’ll have your own locker and can enjoy a cigar bar and a pool table when you’re not at its private shooting range. A retina scan lets you in.

Some say having a gun and knowing how to use it gives them a sense of security and empowerment, like Marc Rabinoff, a shooter at Centennial. “This I what we wanted to do with our retirement,” Rabinoff told the IBT. “Other people take trips around the world, we shoot guns,” Rabinoff said. “You take the gun out of its holster, you point the muzzle and you pull the trigger—it is 150 percent you.”

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