Official images of the next generation of Glock pistols have been released and the guns are set to become available to the public in a matter of days, according to this post on

The photos circulating online are of the new Gen5 G17 and G19 models. If you’re thinking that they look an awful lot like the Gen4 guns, just without the finger grooves in the grip, you’d be pretty close to right.

The Gen5 pistols aren’t a huge departure for Glock, but instead tweaked versions of their two most popular models.

The barrel and slide have a new finish thats supposed to be more durable. The barrels on the Gen5 pistols are also new, dubbed the Glock marksman Barrel, it features land and groove rifling instead of the previously used polyagonal, which is intended to up accuracy.

The giver grooves have been removed from the grip, which Glock says “improves the ability of the pistol to deliver a consistently comfortable grip to a wider range of consumers, regardless of their finger size and whether or not gloves are worn.”

Also, the right-hand-only slide stop lever has been replaces with an ambidextrous control to make the gun more universal. The only other change is that the magazine well has been slightly flared to help aid in smooth reloading.

With the new handguns, Glock is also putting out new Gen5 magazines that feature orange followers and floor plates that extend at the front for a better grip during reloads.

Some features the new guns retain from the Gen4 models include the modular backstrap and beavertail system that allow some customization for the grip fit, an enlarged, reversible magazine catch, and a rough-textured frame surface.

The video above from takes you through all five generations of Glock pistols.

While some are praising the slightly improved new generation of handguns as an important step in the evolution of the Glock, others couldn’t wait to poke some fun at the gun that started the polymer pistol revolution. See below:

LOL. web photo

But that’s not all the Glock news for the day. This post from reports that the Glock MHS, the handgun entered by the gunmaker in the U.S. Army’s modular handgun competition, will soon be available to the public.

The Glock MHS is expected to soon be available to civilians.
The Glock MHS is expected to soon be available to civilians. web photo

While the Sig Sauer P320 ultimately won the Army’s X17 competition, the Glock MHS has sparked a lot of curiosity in the Glock-loving community.

Richard Flür, Head of International Sales at Glock said, “Yes. We think this is a great pistol and would like to give all interested parties the opportunity to try and purchase it. All costs associated with the development of the pistol were financed by Glock, so it is also possible to market the pistol independently. Of course, we will be able to make good use of the experience gained from completing this project. Some aspects will certainly be reflected in future Glock products.”

You can read the whole interview with Glock’s top brass in European Security & Defense here.