Amend2 Magazines, a family owned and operated business, was founded in 2013 to supply shooters with the supplies they needed to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Applying their knowledge and experience in industrial plastics, Amend2 built some of the toughest magazines on the planet, and the public took notice. Since their introduction, the low-cost, high-quality magazines have gained popularity amongst target shooters and three-gun competitors alike.

The company’s AR-15 mags have become known as the toughest on the market, but their other makes are right there with them in terms of durability. And Amend2 Magazines are proudly built here in the United States, with a lifetime warranty.

The company recently revamped their product line with the release of the Mod-2 models. At the heart of each Amend2 magazine is an industry leading heat-treated, non-memory, non-corrosive stainless steel spring and four-way anti-cant follower that ensures problem-free feeding.

glock magazines by amend2
Amend2 also makes mags for Glock pistols, specifically the G17, G19, G22, G23, G42, and G43. Coming soon are two new mags for the Glock 31, a 13-rounder and a 15-rounder. Prices start at just $15. Joseph Albanese

Not wanting to lose the durability and toughness the Mod-1 versions, the new line retains this spring and follower combo, and the other rugged features Amend2 is known for. But the Mod-2 line also received a cosmetic upgrade, adding a sleek new look that doesn’t sacrifice grip.

In addition to the popular AR-pattern mags that can be had in 10, 20, and 30-round capacities, Amend2 makes magazines for Glock’s popular line of polymer pistols. Already in production are mags for the Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 42, and 43. Coming soon are two new mags for the Glock 31, one capable of holding 13 rounds, and another that can contain 15. Prices start at only $15, and each mag comes with the company’s lifetime warranty.