Chris Christie Makes Good on Promise to Gun Owners

Last month, we reported that N.J. governor and Presidential hopeful Chris Christie vowed to pardon several out-of-state residents who had been charged with firearms offenses in his state.

It seems Christie has made good on that promise.

The Courier-Post reports that Christie pardoned three individuals on Wednesday. This is the third time this year Christie has issued pardons to out-of-state residents charged with violating NJ gun laws, according to this story from

One of them was Brian Fletcher of North Carolina. Fletcher is a utility worker who was in the Garden State with his crew on the night of June 28 doing emergency cell tower repairs after a storm with his legal-in-North Carolina handgun stowed in his truck. This is the third time Christie has issued pardons to out-of-state residents charged with violating NJ gun laws, according to this story from

When they were approached by police while parked in a lot awaiting a work assignment, Fletcher told the copss he had a gun in his truck, as he is obliged to do by law in his home state. He was charged with a class 2 felony and released on $25,000 bail.

"I'm overjoyed because I think it's the right decision," said Fletcher's attorney Les Hartman. Yesterday, Fletcher was headed back to New Jersey, because of impending Hurricane Joaquin, said. "He is in emergency situations, some really scary situations. He was a first responder in Katrina, he was a first responder in Tuscaloosa, where a lot of things are happening very fast and a firearm is something you might want to protect yourself when maybe people are not being as civilized as they normally would be."

Christie also pardoned Todd C. Doering of Landsdale, Pennsylvania, who was arrested in July 2010 for having a gun in his car outside a Logan store, the Post says. He was convicted of possessing a gun without a permit and possessing hollow-point bullets, and was sentenced to two years' probation and a $100 fine. He had no criminal record prior to the incident.

The story said Christie's office didn't respond to a question about why Doering was pardoned more than two years after completing his parole. Doering also couldn't be reached for comment, the story said.

The third on the reprieve list was Elizabeth Griffith, who was facing 10 years in prison after being arrested for carrying her Florida-legal firearms while trying to board a ferry in Liberty State Park in Jersey City on July 14.

Christie didn't make any statements about the pardons, which only contained boilerplate language and the fact that the State Parole Board investigated all three cases before Christie issued the pardons, the story said.

New Jersey has some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation and doesn't recognize CCW permits from any other state.